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Tuija Jokisaari

Dutch English Finnish Swedish

“The reason for starting HEX Travel was simple - I wanted a job where I could help people! And the fulfilment I now get from helping people to visit Holland is deeply rewarding. This really is the best job you can imagine! It all began when I first came here; I just fell in love with Holland, a life-long affair. There’s so many possibilities and so much creativity in this small country – made from the oceans- that I wanted to share with everyone. I come from a hotel and sales background so it’s great to be able to recommend a hotel when you actually know how things work. I just love my work, my team and I think is a great privilege to have an office on one of the most beautiful canals in Amsterdam! But believe me when I say, we have worked very hard to be where we are! In my spare time I usually jump on my mountain bike and enjoy the fantastic dunes of North Holland! If there’s snow anywhere, I will probably hit the slopes in Austria or Lapland.”

Owner/Managing Director
Tel. +31-(0)20-531 7406

Ann-Marie Sandström

English Swedish

“I joined the HEX Travel team in November 2007 after meeting the love of my life! To cut a long story short - Swedish girl meets Aussie bloke in Spain and moves to live with him in Holland. I was lucky enough to be an old colleague of Tuija. Coming to work here was a dream come true for me. That doesn’t mean the work isn’t challenging; it is - but in a really good way. You’ve got be on the ball! Information constantly needs updating and every group is different, which means that no one day is quite like another. This really suits me! I now live in the pretty town of Alkmaar which looks like a miniature Amsterdam and is famous for the huge cheese market that it holds every Friday during the summer months. The combination of working in the big city and living in a town is ideal for me. When I’m not working I travel a lot and each summer I visit the San Fermin festival in Pamplona – Olé! I also love sport and am a proud season ticket holder of the football club in Alkmaar, AZ.”

Groups Sales & Production
Tel. +31-(0)20-531 7403

Outi Timperi

Dutch English Finnish

“In working years I am the oldest HEX employee. I moved here from Finland in January 2000 when I also started working at HEX Travel. So I have seen it all happen: the company growing, moving from one office space to another, great new colleagues arriving and others leaving. At first I was busy full-time with individual bookings but, for several years now, I have been producing programs for Finnish visitor groups. I try to make offers really interesting for clients (and for me too), by always keeping my eyes open to new experiences and ideas. Since the job started I’ve been commuting to Amsterdam from my home in Rotterdam, so I can also call myself an expert on everything that’s happening there too – and train travelling, of course! There is so much more to see in Holland than just Amsterdam! I’m famous for my walking pace – there’s not many can keep up with me! The other hobbies I really enjoy are reading, knitting and singing in our local choir.

Groups Sales & Production
Tel. +31-(0)20-531 7401

Emelie Paulsson

Dutch English Swedish

“I’m the youngest at HEX Travel right now and have worked here since 2007. Before that I had a job in a restaurant on the sea front in Egmond, then at booking.com. I first met Tuija when I started helping out with group arrivals at Schiphol and it wasn’t long before she put me behind a desk permanently. It was a great experience welcoming groups and learning all about their expectations; it gave me a good grounding for the work I do now. I really love the work I do at HEX Travel every day and it’s incredible how much I learn! It’s fun dealing with people and we get to see and experience such a lot. To give you just one example (a rather nice one), We have to test all the restaurants that we promote! Just to check the food is still delicious! At HEX Travel the busier it is, the more fun it is! It’s what I call positive stress!”

Groups Sales & Production
Tel. +31-(0)20-531 7402

Bob Donkersloot

Dutch English

I’m HEX Travel’s honorary Dutchman!! I was born in Alkmaar and raised in Heiloo but, these days, my home is in Amsterdam, which I enjoy very much as it is a great city to live and work in. Since 2009 I have been with HEX Travel. First as an intern, then a part timer and, since 2012, full time. HEX Travel is a great company to work at. Friendly, experienced colleagues from whom I learn every day, great location and the job itself suits me down to the ground. As a proud citizen of Holland and Amsterdam, what could be better than showing everyone what this magical city, and country, has to offer the world? In my spare time I study Swedish and, of course, try to do as much sport as I can.

Controller & Sales Support
Tel. +31-20-5317405

Arnold Meij

Dutch English

Gorter & Partners Accountants and Advisors - anything you wish to know about figures, this is the person to contact!

Tel. +31 (0) 224 297444